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Yi bao bottled water shopGuangdong countries for trade co., LTD., founded in1999Years,Was the largest in yi bao company bottled water franchised dealer,Specializes in yi bao bottled drinking water、Water dispenser and household water purification equipment and other products sales and after-sales services,Business area of guangzhou、Foshan、Jiangmen region, etc。Sales more than bottled water1000Barrels,With retail and distribution network200More than one、The user50More than、Delivery staff500Many people。 The company pursues“Services to create value”The management idea,At the same time of providing timely delivery service,In order to ensure the health of the customer with water,Set up a professional water dispenser after-sales maintenance team,Provide regular water machine cleaning and sanitation services。 According to the needs of the development of the company's business,In order to meet customer service requirements,In addition to increasing retail distribution network to improve the distribution services,Supervision and management system and to establish a distribution service,Ready to store network,All distribution。For convenience of the customer's order water operation,Cannot solve non-banking hours on water and water for phone unable to connect services such as blind spot,The company has increased“Voice call”And“Accept online”For water, such as the service platform,Provide easy order water services anytime and anywhere。

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Why to wash water machine regularly
     Consumers there are pitfalls: The water fountain has been in use,Bottled water is clean,Even if the water dispenser is not regular cleaning、Disinfection also won't have any problem。

     The truth is: Water cooler internal have a hot water,A cold water,The two water bile in addition to play the function of hot and cold water,It also can have the effect of precipitation impurities in water。People usually repeated replacement bottled water,But ignored the tank there is a certain amount of water of water dispenser,The passage of time,Nature has become a hotbed of bacterial growth。 So the water can appear all kinds of foreign bodies。 According to the environmental health monitoring department tests revealed,Bottled water cooler in hot and cold water bile more than three months without washing will multiply bacteria、Sediment,Harm to people's health。In order to ensure the safety of drinking water, Suggest that once every three months to clean water dispenser。

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  • Yi bao bottled water shop
  • Yi bao bottled water shop
  • Yi bao bottled water shop

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