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  • Liansu's official website
    Liansu's official websiteLiansu website model steel coil pipe of long service life: In general,Model steel coil drains sewage pipe can be up to date50Years of above,Completely over
  • Plastic check well
    Plastic check wellXi 'an plastic inspection Wells with low carbon environmental protection performance,In addition,Plastic inspection Wells and naisuanjian corrosion resistant to ageing、Seal leakage、Seal leakage、
  • United can industry
    United can industryXi 'an union can industryPPRThe selection of the tube: 1、Choose pipeline according to series of choices,To distinguish between hot and cold water pipes,
  • PVC-CUnderground power cable to protect casing
    PVC-CUnderground power cable to protect casingElectricity for people,Is a love-hate relationship。Love the brought light to people、Convenience,Hate the cause of accidents、The loss。Death as a result of electrical accidents each year


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Shaanxi Kang Wei pipe co., LTD. Is a pipe products professional production and processing of the company,The main:Xi 'an steel with enhancement spiral corrugated pipe、HDPEModel steel coil tube、Xi 'anMPPPower cable protection tube、Xi 'anPPRFeed pipe、ShaanxiHDPEFeed pipe、Xi 'anPPRLu: su steady tube、Xi 'an FRP cable protection pipe、Xi 'anPESteel mesh skeleton plastic clad pipe、Xi 'anPVC-UTo drain、Xi 'anHDPEDouble-wall corrugated pipe、Xi 'an plastic check well、PVC-CUnderground power cable to protect casing、Liansu pipeline in shaanxi province、Xi 'an union can industry、Liansu website, etc,The company has complete、Scientific quality management system。China liansu in pipeline30Years experience in production and research and development,Is the domestic development and production of pipe and pipe fittings for its long history is one of the enterprises。At this stage,China liansu has production equipment more than in the field of pipeline3500Sets,Design production capacity more than year210Ten thousand tons,Can provide the market with diameter from 16mm-2400mm Ranging from the whole series of products。These products are widely used in water supply、Sewerage drainage、The electric power communication、The fuel gas、Floor heating、Fire protection and agriculture and other fields。

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