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    Company profile Zhengzhou kay longed for decoration material co., LTD

    Zhengzhou kay longed for decoration material co., LTD,Is a professional provide sound-absorbing,Sound insulation,Noise control engineering consulting and design,Acoustic materials production and sales as one of the decoration materials co., LTD。The company has more acoustic series products brand“KaiHua”“Kay desire”“Sounds fair”“赛音特”“ Dino, ace”。Total scale in manufacturing and marketing of acoustic materials20Square。Company products are mainly including acoustic materials:Groove wood sound-absorbing panels,Eyed sound-absorbing board,Cloth soft package sound-absorbing board,Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board,Wood wool sound-absorbing panels、TGSound-absorbing board... 【To check the details】

    The service hotline:18538088828
    Mobile phone number:17603717331
    The factory address:Henan yuanyang country Han Dongzhuang thriving industry industrial zone

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    Sound-absorbing bars do good or to do good sound insulation?
    Many users always confuse attraction and sound insulation,In fact,They are two completely different concepts。①、Sound-absorbing refers to the sound waves in one...
    Listening room acoustical principle
    Sound-absorbing materials mainly divided into micro groove and fiber type,And there is no essential difference between them,Sound-absorbing principle is leave voice can enter...
    What is sound-absorbing board selection method?
    Sound-absorbing board selection method,If you select the sound-absorbing board;There are a lot of friends with me about this problem。In the face of the good and bad are intermingled of market of sound-absorbing board below...
    Home theater sound insulation and sound absorption
    As people living standard and wage growth,Enjoyment of life requirements of material have a certain height,In some years home theater...
    Sound insulation: is there any way of street house?
    Sound insulation: is there any way of street house?1、The windowsill to raise a few potted flower:Broadleaf trees and shrubs can be used to reduce noise,It has been in the city...
    What is gym groove wood sound-absorbing board application?
    Sound-absorbing board is a kind of very good sound-absorbing the adornment material,With sound-absorbing noise reduction、Decorative function。The sound-absorbing board is divided into slots sound-absorbing board、Hole...


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    Henan yuanyang country Han Dongzhuang thriving industry industrial zone

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