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Jiaozuo city Ann mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing co., LTD

    Jiaozuo city Ann mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing co., LTD(The original jiaozuo radio factory),Is a national key enterprise specialized in the production of mining explosion-proof electrical and electronic products,The national coal industry fixed-point mechanical and electrical products production units,Explosion-proof electrical branch member of China electrical equipment industry association,The municipal mine flameproof engineering technology center,The company covers an area of30000Square meters,Workshop10000Square meters,ISO9001:2008And quality management systemALevel measurement certification enterprises。
    Jiaozuo JingAn always adhere to the company“In science and technology as the guide,Take the market as the guidance”The development of the strategy,Ongoing research and development of new products,In the country“The purpose of”To the“The ninth”During the period,Bear and participated in many national scientific and technological research projects,Product technology and quality has been in the same industry leading position。And by China electrical equipment industry association to assess“Quality reliable products”。Especially in the field of mine explosion-proof lamp,Mining flameproof semiconductor(LED)Lighting lamps and lanterns,2008Included in the national torch plan,Gains2009In the second prize of scientific and technological achievements of henan province of industry and information technology hall,And has several national patents。

    We will, as always, adhere to,The principle of independent innovation,Committed to providing customers with safety、Reliable products,In the competition and development,Be worthy of the name China explosion-proof lamp development direction in the field of leader。
    Enterprise policy:
    Science and technology leading,Constant innovation of casting quality product
    The user is supreme,Is the escort of coal mine safety

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